Marijuana in BC government liquor stores

pot“Might I inquire as to when you plan to commence pushing the grass joints?” Norris cartoon November 4, 1969

For several years after the prohibition of alcohol in 1917, liquor could only be purchased for medicinal reasons. This loophole served to be a gigantic one: during 1919 alone, 181,000 prescriptions were written by the province’s doctors for over $1.5 million worth of liquor. Doctors were accused of being ‘liquor agents’. Some drug stores charged as much as the market would bear, prompting more citizens to making their own poisonous rot-gut.

Government liquor stores sprang up in 1921.

With marijuana, it looks as though we’re still in the prohibition-era. The federal government is still trying to keep access to marijuana for medicinal purposes only. They won’t hear of pot cookies or pot brownies being sold, despite the recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Have you ever heard of someone getting drunk on a liquor infused cake?