Maurice Richard Exhibition opens July 18

Hello hockey fans!  Remember “Rocket” Richard?

“Rocket Richard – The Legend The Legacy,”  exhibit is opening this Saturday, July 18th and runs until October 11 at the Nanaimo Museum.

The exhibition covers the whole career of Maurice Richard, starting from the early days in the 1940’s through to his retirement in 1959. Richard was on eight Stanley Cup teams during his career.  The exhibit includes Rocket’s skates that he wore, his jersey and many other memorabilia.  There is one of Richard’s contracts, jotted down on a calendar sheet, giving him $12,000 for the 1956-57 season.

The Richard Exhibition originally began in 2004 just four years after Maurice past away and has been on display in cultural centres across Canada thanks to the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Along with the opening of Maurice Richard Exhibition this Saturday is the announcement of the 2009 Sports Hall of Fame inductees from 1pm to 3pm at the Nanaimo Museum where there will be cake and prizes!  Congratulations to all.