Nanaimo Council and The Arrest – a new documentary?

On November 21, 2016 Councillor Kipp spoke angrily to Councillor Pratt while holding up a copy of the allegedly leaked email in which Mayor McKay listed each councillor’s shortcomings. At one point in his tirade he leaned in her direction and pointed his pen at her.

“…I hope they read this and see what it does. Oh there’s your faces again, you’re beautiful, you’re such a pretty aesthetically pleasing person when you make those [faces].
You turned your back when Billy was talking. The man’s harmed and you don’t give a shit, woman. You are the biggest bully I’ve ever met, under a little sheep’s clothing…”

Why did Kipp feel it was necessary to stand up for Councillor Yoachim whom he referred to as “Billy”? Did he not think that Councillor Yoachim was capable of standing up for himself?

Mayor McKay made a brief attempt to interject but otherwise said nothing. Not one of the other Councillors who were sitting around the table intervened. By saying nothing, the others at the table gave the indication that were in agreement with Councillor Kipp.

A petition has been launched by a group called Women Watching Nanaimo at

“We, the citizens of Nanaimo, call upon Councillor Kipp to publicly apologize immediately to the women of Nanaimo or to resign immediately. His behaviour is part of a culture at Nanaimo City Hall that is both openly and quietly hostile to women, and we will no longer be represented by such aggressive and misogynistic behaviour.”

It is also noteworthy that the only other woman in the above video, the City Clerk, appeared to also be the victim of bullying at Council meetings, and she is no longer there.

The Arrest

Recently, rumours have abounded as to why Councillor Pratt resigned. According to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, she was the council member arrested for assaulting a staff member at City Hall.

At the time of the assault was there a 911 call made? Or was someone at the Nanaimo RCMP detachment contacted directly and did they order Councillor Pratt’s arrest?

Considering the Nanaimo RCMP have the municipal contract to perform policing services for the City, can they arrest a city politician without being in conflict of duty?

The Independent Investigations Office which opened in 2012 only investigates police incidents involving death or serious harm, but perhaps their mandate will have to be widened to look into matters such as this.

Will this matter be studied in the future? Or maybe Nanaimo will get its own documentary, The Arrest; similar to the one which focused on an incident at Hamilton City Hall, The Push.