Nanaimo Harbour City residents say goodbye to their harbour

Signs greet visitors to Nanaimo on the inland highway which read, “Nanaimo - The Harbour City” – sad that they are selling off their crown jewels in a $9 million dollar deal for 30 years.

What are Nanaimo Harbour City residents effectively saying goodbye to?

Harbourside Walkway: a 4 km walkway that shows off many of Nanaimo’s harbourside attractions. Built in 1987, the walkway has become one of the best-used recreational facilities in Nanaimo.

Pioneer Waterfront Plaza: one of the jewels in the harbour’s crown which was completed in 1993. A place where shoppers, diners, walkers, tourists mingle as the seaplanes, boaters and fishers arrive.

W.E. Mills Landing & Marina: The 600 foot pier off Cameron Island provides moorage for short and long-term users. Originally designed to attract “pocket” cruise ships and other vessels too large to use other docking facilities in the harbour.

Fishing & Walking Pier: construction of this popular highlight of the Nanaimo harbour was completed by Nanaimo Port Authority in 1993. Adjoining Maffeo Sutton Park beside Swy-a-Lana Lagoon, the Fishing and Walking Pier is accessed via the Harbourside Walkway. The pier serves as a breakwater for the Inner Harbour and Boat Basin and has become a popular spot for crab fishers.

Swy-a-Lana Lagoon: the lagoon is a popular stopping-off point for walkers. Built in 1984, the man-made lagoon provides the community with a year-round children’s playground and beach. Swy-a-Lana lagoon uses the natural ebb and flow of tides to create a marine habitat and, at low tide, a series of waterfalls.

Seaplane Terminal: the Port of Nanaimo Seaplane Terminal opened in 1985. Daily scheduled float plane service from Nanaimo harbour to downtown Vancouver harbour, Richmond (Airport) and Sechelt.

Does anyone recall if there was a public tender process for the sale and purchase/lease of the Nanaimo Harbour?

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