Nanoose’s Moorecroft Camp Ready for Leaky Condos

The Moorecroft property in Nanoose Bay is listed for sale at just under $8 million by Colliers International.  You can check out the listing yourself at the Unique Properties website:

NALT was unable to secure enough funding to purchase this area of 85 acres which includes special areas of Garry Oak and old growth Douglas Fir.  The Regional District of Nanaimo posted a message on their website in September which stated that it would try to acquire the land with the assistance of the Nature Trust of BC; however, the Nature Trust is short of cash.

Will anyone step in and save the Moorecroft property from development?  On October 16th, the local presbytery of the United Church voted against having a conservation covenant which would allow for the protection of wetlands and other unique areas within Moorecroft if a sale proceeds.  This means that a developer would be free to pave it over, right up to the waterfront.

To see pictures of the Moorecroft Property, including the oceanfront, visit Nature (at) Moorecroft.