Newcastle Brechin Neighbourhood Association concerns

Last week at the Nanaimo council meeting there was a presentation from the Newcastle Brechin Neighbourhood Association with concerns that their neighbourhood issues are being  ignored especially regarding pedestrian safety.

A pedestrian was hit and killed in a crosswalk at Estevan and Larch in December. The person who was killed was a member of the neighbourhood planning team.

Estevan Road was originally planned to be an arterial road with four lanes of traffic but now it is no longer needed as an arterial road. Unfortunately, drivers speed along the four lane section of Estevan which also includes a sharp curve at the south end.

Reducing the traffic to two lanes with curbside parking would slow traffic and make Estevan Road safer.

The residents spoke of a Comprehensive Pedestrian Connectivity Plan for the neighbourhood that needs to be implemented. They spoke about Terminal Avenue and the need for greater pedestrian and bicycle safety measures. Their questions were:

  • How and where can we widen the sidewalk on Terminal Avenue between Stewart and  St. George so there is a “safety strip” style boulevard between the pedestrians and the cars?
  • There were two locations identified in the neighbourhood plan for possible crosswalks across Terminal Avenue at Rosehill and at Mount Benson. The engineering RFP only refers to the Rosehill and Terminal crosswalk.  What is the rationale for ignoring  Mount Benson?
  • How could we coordinate the current project on the Townsite and Terminal and Vancouver intersections with the Terminal Avenue project?

According to the residents, the Newcastle Neighbourhood Plan did not envision a “road widening project” along Terminal Avenue.

How many people are killed every year as a result of poor urban planning?