Opinions needed on 14 potential off leash parks in Nanaimo

Your comments and opinions are wanted on 14 proposed new off leash dog parks planned for Nanaimo. There are currently officially 3 off leash dog parks, Beban Park, Cable Bay Trail and Westwood Park Powerlines.

There will be an open house on Wednesday, July 29, from 4pm to 8pm at Beban Park at the off leash dog park near the entrance off Labieux Road. So drop by and give your feedback!

The 14 proposed off leash parks are:
Beach Estates park, Seabold Park, Northfield Nature Park, Diver Lake, Linley Valley, Northfield Rest Area, Piper’s Lagoon, Wardropper, Colliery Dam, Lost Lake, Nanaimo Ice Centre, Bowen West and East Parks.

If you would like more information visit www.nanaimo.ca

One thought on “Opinions needed on 14 potential off leash parks in Nanaimo

  1. I really think it is important to have an off leash park in a swimming area for dogs. The current off leash facility at Beban Park is hot and dry in the summer and a mud hole in the winter. There is no diversion for the dogs and although it encourages interaction this often takes the form of aggression or bullying or packing. Swimming is important to many breeds of dogs and is really good exercise for them when they cannot run freely anywhere else. In Penticton one end of the beach at Okanagan Lake is designated for dog swimming. This was wonderful to have when we were visiting there. Swimming areas encourage owner interaction and thus keep the pet always under control. A big fenced field with benches allows pet owners to sit and read and leave the dogs to fend for themselves and often can cause problems with other dogs. Owners often spend time socializing with other owners by sitting on the benches and talking and not paying attention to when their pet is defecating or being aggressive towards other animals. I am not saying this is not needed and do agree that this is a wonderful facility for people who cannot walk or exercise their pets regularly but I would prefer some other kind of area. I have a golden retriever of a gentle nature that often gets overwhelmed and ends up on her back, has her ball stolen or gets really, really muddy if it is raining so I would welcome some alternative kind of area to exercise her.

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