Rocky Nanaimo Christmas saved by a Video

With Rocky Balboa looking over his shoulder, Beau Graham, the owner of the Northridge Video can tell you how hard the recession has hit Nanaimo.

We’ve heard how some businesses are struggling to survive in these bleak, grey financial times; some didn’t make it and others are hanging on like Rocky, bloody and bruised but not willing to give up a good fight.

Beau Graham can tell you how hard it’s been to keep a video store going in these times; how he needed money to pay three months rent by the end of the year.  Where was he going to find it? Was he going to lose his business?

Along came a note through the video return slot from a good samaritan.  It read:

Dear Beau,

About a year ago I began saving my tithe money… Apparently, the ‘right time’ has come because God has told me to give you the money in your time of need… Please do not try to find out who I am. I deserve no thanks of any kind… Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless.

Together with the note, there were bills and coins; enough for Graham to pay off his overdue rent.

Whoever you are, you can rest tonight with the knowledge that you have touched and inspired many to continue on your kindness; that indeed is the spirit of Christmas.

(thanks to Chris Bush at Nanaimo News Bulletin for the story)

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    1. Whoever you are that left the money for me in my return slot i wanna thank you very much for believing in me and my store that much. Thank You

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