SD68 Administration needs trimming

School District 68 (SD68) is in debt by $5 million.  There hasn’t been one press release to state that SD68 administration is being cut. Less administration and fewer trustees are needed now that SD68 is closing 7 schools. Why is it necessary to have 6 superintendents?

Below is a chart showing the cost of administration. Some of the areas have only one or two employees. For example the Communications Office expenditures of $212,510 includes the following:

  • Director of Communications: $107,360
  • Communications Assistant: $57,304
  • Professional Service: $31,483
  • Other expenses: $16,363

The Superintendent office expenses of $344,890 include:

  • Superintendent: $188,967
  • Executive Assistant: $74,420
  • Other expenses: $81,503
SD68 Administration 2012-2013 Expenses
Deputy Superintendent$293,487
Assistant Superintendent Zone 1$181,650
Assistant Superintendent Zone 2$181,650
Assistant Superintendent Zone 3$170,670
Assistant Superintendent Zone 4$170,670
Total Cost - Superintendents$1,343,017
Communications Office$212,510
Scholarship Office$183,739
Human Resources$1,634,502
Health and Safety Office$410,018
International Student Office$921,829

In contrast, underfunded areas include:

Fine Arts: $10,584
Ready Set Learn: $90,287
Strong Start: $258,527
Special Ed Equipment: $195,938

For 2012-2013 school year, there was no money budgeted for elementary counsellors or autism teachers.

The only solution that SD68 is considering to relieve their financial woes is to close schools and cut school buses. Parents will be left footing the bill of driving their children long distances from rural Cedar to Nanaimo or Ladysmith because their only high school is closing. As well, parents in Ladysmith whose children attended Ecole Davis Road Elementary will have to drive their children to North Oyster.