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Nanaimo Recycling Exchange faces closure

Nanaimo Recycling Exchange (NRE) faces closure if they can’t get local governments to provide financial support. Where will people go to drop off their yard waste? Will illegal dumping result?

NRE began in 1990 after a private firm that had obtained a curbside pickup contract in Nanaimo folded within months, leaving the City without recycling services.  The original location for NRE was at 2214 McCullough Road in Nanaimo until it out grew its location.

The NRE does not own the property it occupies at 2477 Kenworth Road but they own the property next door and have plans for a new centre that would see its operations moved indoors.  The project is budgeted at $1.7 million.

Nanaimo Recycling Exchange
Nanaimo Recycling Exchange on Kenworth Road

Back in January 2014, RDN directors requested that staff draft a report on ways they might respond to the NRE’s funding request.

There are many advantages to the concept of the recycling exchange. It is a one-stop place to go to recycle everything. You can take most household products  such as styrofoam, glass jars, hazardous household waste, paints, fertilizers, batteries, light bulbs, yard waste drop off, old electronics for recycling and the second hand shop is a popular place to drop off or pick up items.

Why doesn’t the RDN and the City of Nanaimo run this valuable service as an extension of the city dump? A proactive approach needs to be taken regarding recycling and garden waste. In Nanaimo there is no pick up of branches or garden clippings; consequently, people often just dump this into the bush.

If you would like to show your support for saving the NRE you can sign their petition. On the petition it says 15,000 tons a year of recyclable or re-usable material would end up in a landfill and over 100 volunteers and workers would ultimately have no place to call home, if the NRE closed its doors.

New Rain Garden in Parksville

Are you looking for some inspiration for your garden? Head over to Parksville and see the growing trend in gardening. Rain gardens!

There is a new rain garden that has been added at the Parksville Fire Hall.

Rain gardens capture and absorb rainwater runoff from hard surfaces. The captured runoff can contain dirt, fertilizer, chemicals, oil and other pollutants which are filtered out in the rain garden. Water safely percolates into the ground where it recharges groundwater aquifers and contributes to stream flow in dry periods.

Also, because the rain gardens are planted with native plants they are easy to maintain.

Mayor Chris Burger of Parksville said, “Thanks to a partnership with the Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society we are proud to have a new attractive rain garden alongside the parking lot at the Parksville Fire Hall.

Free Vegetable Growing Workshop in Parksville

Would you like to enjoy your own fresh home-grown vegetables this summer?

There will be a free vegetable gardening workshop led by organic gardening guru, Connie Kuramoto, this Saturday, March 24, 2012, 2:30 – 4:30 pm at the Forum, Parksville Civic and Technology Centre at 100 Jensen Avenue East.

The workshop talk will be about building a veggie patch that uses water wisely and the best plants and mulches for low-watering. Also, the workshop will have a hands-on demonstration at the lawn adjacent to the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre.

Pre-registration is necessary for this free workshop: http://onlineca.activecommunities.com/RDN and enter BARCODE 27825 to register.