Wallis Point in Nanoose – when will it be made a park?

The RDN voted this week to send a letter to the federal government in support of creating a park at Wallis Point at the request of Chief Edwards of the Snaw-Naw-As First Nations. Also, Lantzville Council passed a motion in October in support of the proposed park.

Wallis Point is 245 hectares located in Nanoose across from Lantzville and is owned by the Department of National Defence (DND).

The Snaw-Naw-As First Nations have advised the RDN that they traditionally used Wallis Point for food gathering and there was a settlement there in the past which can be verified through archeological sites.

The Snaw-Naw-As asked the federal government if Wallis Point could be set aside as a park. They were told in October by DND that it was not possible at this time.

How did Wallis Point get its name?

Wallis Point was named after Richard Pateman Wallis who was born in 1867 in England.  Mr. Wallis arrived in BC in 1888 and nine years later purchased the 900 hectare Notch Hill ranch in Nanoose. Afterward he married Eliza Mary Marriott (1863–1914). Mr. Wallis was appointed a justice of the peace and was elected as the MLA for Alberni in 1918 representing the Conservative Party.

Wallis Point - proposed park
Wallis Point – proposed park