1970 Student Loans Made Easy

Many students heading back to school rely on student loans. In 1970 student loans for post secondary education were easy to get.  Below is the student loan application form for the school year 69-70. There were 19 sections to the form which included:

  1. name/address/date of birth/SIN/marital status
  2. how many credits
  3. completed grade 12
  4. do you intend to live in Canada after graduation
  5. when do you expect to start permanent employment
  6. list of previous employment

During the summer of 1969 the student on this application made $524 from May to September working full-time at Woodwards Department store in Victoria. Tuition for a full-time student was around a five hundred dollars per year.

It looks like the tuition now is $7,000 plus all the other costs of living these days. Average tuition fees increased from $1,464 in 1990-91 to $6,348 in 2012-13.

1970 student loan application from UVIC
1970 student loan application from University of Victoria

The University of Victoria was established in 1963 and moved to the Gordon Head campus. The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) opened in 1964. Simon Fraser University opened in 1965.