Ballenas Basin: The Grand Canyon of Nanaimo

As people look out over the Salish Sea from North Nanaimo, Lantzville and Nanoose they are overlooking the Ballenas Basin which is the deepest part of the Strait of Georgia with an average depth of 400 meters. This makes it the ideal place for the military to test torpedoes.

Whiskey Golf is a military test range and the area is monitored for boats from the North Winchelsea Island. So if you paddle too close, naval personnel appear and shout at you to stay clear. Over 56 square nautical miles are monitored.

It is the most important of the four test ranges maintained and operated by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport (NUWCDIVKPT),  jointly operated by the United States and Canada.

Read more about this amazing area and be sure to check out the new page on Whiskey Golf Military test range and the Ballenas-Winchelsea Archipelago.

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