A river runs through it: Beban Plaza sewer upgrade

There used to be a creek that ran through what is now Beban Plaza at the corner of Bowen Road and Northfield Road. The creek was buried and routed through a sanitary/storm sewer pipe in the 1970s.

Now the sanitary/storm sewer needs to be replaced. The problem is that the pipe is located underneath Beban Plaza which causes a maintenance and liability risk for the City.

The work involves replacing 370 meters of 900mm pipe and replacing it with 270 meters of 250mm sewer pipe.

The work is expected to start in September 2016 and be completed by November 2016. Total cost of the project for the City is approximately $840,000.

Eleven mature Douglas Fir trees and a group of mature cottonwood trees are to be removed.

The green line on the picture below is the proposed new sanitary/storm sewer pipe which will bypass Beban Plaza. Purple dots indicate the areas where trees will be removed. Green dots show trees that are to remain standing.

Mapping of Nanaimo creeks and waterways and providing proper protections need to be a priority. Unfortunately, the City of Nanaimo has axed the Environmental Committee. In addition, at most council meetings, Nanaimo grants variances which impact waterways and wetlands.

In 1930, Frank Beban and his family purchased an existing farm of 160 acres. He died in 1952 and the house and property were bequeathed to the City of Nanaimo as a park the following year. What if all the land had been kept as a park? Would the creek still be there?

Beban Plaza Sewer upgrade
Beban Plaza Sewer upgrade to begin in September 2016