Blacked out council meetings

It was announced at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting that ALL future meetings of Nanaimo council (from October 15th onwards) will be blacked out until after the November 15, 2014 civic elections.

Victoria is allowing council meetings to be live streamed and recorded, why not Nanaimo?

Blacked out council Meetings and Committee of the Whole meeting

  • October 20 – council meeting
  • October 27 – council meeting
  • November 3 – committee of the whole
  • November 10 – council meeting

It is critical the public finds out what is going on. We are not sure why they have called for the blackout on these meetings (an election is coming) but there must be something really hot we are about to miss.

Remember, everyone is affected all over the city. Here is a short list of previous issues this council has debated:

  • Downtown: Harbour (was up for sale)
  • South Nanaimo: Collery Dams (park fiasco)
  • Central Nanaimo: Linley Valley  (wetlands destruction)
  • North Nanaimo: Pioneer Park (was up for sale)

That’s the short list for now. Stay informed. The City will not put Georgia Park on the November 15th ballot. What else is going to happen during the blackout?