If you are walking in the City of Parksville’s parks you may be in for a surprise.  You may encounter dogs at work who are especially trained to chase Canada Geese particularly in the following parks; Springwood Park, Community Park, and along Jensen Avenue East.  To solve the geese doo doo problem the City of Parksville has resorted to training dogs to chase the geese but the dogs never touch or attack the geese, just getting them to move along.   The special dog training began in early 2009 and now there are approximately 50 volunteer dogs in the program.  The dogs can be identified by their bright yellow scarf when they are on Goose Control Patrol duties.

If you are an interested dog owner who would like to volunteer your time and have your dog trained especially for this then you should contact Judith Whitemarsh of Dynamic Dogs Inc. for more information at 250 954-2067.   Or contact the City of Parksville administrator, Peter Crawshaw pcrawshaw@parksville.ca or 250 951-2471.

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Tags: Canine Goose Patrol in Parksville

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