Flash Back Friday: 1958 Caveman Camper

caveman camper
Caveman Camper made on Vancouver Island

Summer has started and many Islanders will be heading out to enjoy the great outdoors. Back in 1958 you could buy a Vancouver Island made Caveman Camper. The famous Canadian Caveman Camper at the time was handcrafted and custom built and not an assembly line product. The frame was all steel and the walls were made of local old growth Douglas Fir which was laminated to be water proof. This was the same type of wood construction used in making the famous World War II PT war boats.

The 1958 Caveman Campers featured a vapour sealed fibreglass insulation fitted on all four sides. Fittings included a three burner butane stove, with automatic oven, pressure water system, 75lb ice chest. Also, they offered three colours for the stove and ice chest.

Take a look at this video of a 1958 Caveman Camper trailer now located in Oregon.

Source: The Golden Age of British Columbia 1945 –