Cedar Parents Shocked by SD68 Treatment of School Principals

Why did SD68 trustees give District Superintendent David Hutchinson sweeping powers? This has allowed him to punish those that speak out.

Three of the four schools in the Cedar catchment have now lost their school Principals.

Cedar Elementary (CE) – Cathal Walsh (GONE)
North Cedar Intermediate  (NCI)- Peter Skipper (GONE)
Ladysmith Secondary (LSS) – Dave Street (GONE)
Woodbank Primary (Unchanged)

There is a complete disregard for the students and families of Cedar and Ladysmith.

Ladysmith Secondary Principal Dave Street has been demoted to Woodlands.  (Principals get paid by the number of students and Woodlands has fewer students than LSS).  It is very obvious that Mr. Street is being punished for his support of Cedar parents.

Mr. Street was one of the main reasons half of the Cedar Secondary School population chose LSS despite the fact that Mr. Hutchinson refused to supply buses. What does that tell you?

Mr. Street went out of his way to make the students who are being displaced feel welcome and made them look forward to being part of the Ladysmith community.  He visited Cedar Secondary several times to get to know all the students and their needs and to make this  transition as painless as possible for the students.

Yet no one from Barsby Secondary has ever been to Cedar Secondary to work on a transition with the students.

In another head scratching move, Mr. Huchinson has decided to move Mr. Skipper to Ladysmith Intermediate to fill Mr. Walsh’s spot at Cedar Elementary.  So the students at North Cedar Intermediate (NCI) get a new principal for their final year before the school closes permanently.

Cedar parents want their school principals treated with respect and reinstated at their respective schools.

It is time for SD68 Superintendent Hutchinson to admit that planning mistakes have been made. Closing the only high school in Cedar is not the answer. Spending all of SD68′s money to convert the newest high school in the district and the only high school in Cedar into a ‘mega’ elementary is the wrong decision.

When one person holds all the power, we are in trouble. Let us get it right.