City of Nanaimo Executive Staff expenses

At the Monday Council meeting this week there was some discussion during the E-town hall about staff wages, the plan to cut the number of prisoner guard positions, and the proposal to close Beban Pool for 3 months.

It is a big step forward for the City of Nanaimo to share the expense reports for the executive staff. Below is the City of Nanaimo Executive Staff expenses from January to June 30, 2016.

DirectorTotal ExpensesMealsTravel/ConferencesConferences attended
Parks & Rec37.9332.165.770
Human Resources631.02162.08484.942
Community Development1,399.2033.76790.531
Fire Chief2,858.5838.172,316.561

The expenses for the Director of Parks and Recreation are impressively low. Could other executives try harder to tighten their belts?

At the council meeting it was mentioned that money could be saved by eliminating banking sick days. According to the News Bulletin former Nanaimo CAO Al Kenning was still on the City’s payroll in 2015 with $155,521 paid out for banked sick and  vacation time.