Core Review, Art in the Park, Tree removal bylaw

There will be a Nanaimo council meeting on Monday, October 17th at 7pm.  Council will be discussing the Tree Removal Bylaw and the Core Review Plan.

Nanaimo Tree Removal Bylaw

The Tree Removal Bylaw addresses the removal of trees on private property not under development. A tree removal permit is required for the removal of more than four trees and for any protected trees. The fine for not having a tree removal permit is a maximum of $10,000 per tree.

The deforestation happening in Nanaimo is alarming. The last lot of trees in North Nanaimo adjacent to the library on Hammond Bay Road is slated to be paved over for a parking lot.

Nanaimo Park Improvements

The Parks and Recreation Commission has allocated $35,000 for the Cottle Creek Neighbourhood Park improvement. Also, $12,000 is being set aside for the design of the new bike trails in Beban Park.

Core Review plan of action

Council will be voting on the Core Review Plan on Monday. The Core Review will cover 11 main points including:

  • tracing services and activities
  • keeping track of the money
  • working on not duplicating work
  • saving money with new purchasing system
  • getting together with community groups to get work done
  • monitoring grants to outside agencies
  • streamlining operations

Call for Artists – art in park

Artists have until Tuesday, November 15, 2016 to submit their ideas for public outdoor art to be displayed in City of Nanaimo parks and other public areas.

Nine new art works were put on display in May 2016. Have you seen them?

  • The Core by Bryan Faubert
  • Cerebrum Digitalis by Maggie Wouterloot
  • L-O-V-E Bird by Mia Tremblay & Craig Lambie
  • Driftwood by Scott Gillies
  • Kelp Structure by Angellos Glaros
  • Carved Panel by William Good
  • Salmon on the Bridge by Laura Timmermans
  • The Porthole by Victoria Drakeford
  • Passage by Labspace Studio (John Loerchner & Laura Mendes)
2016 new public art called Passage
2016 new public art called Passage
see the salmon on the bridge?