Wednesday Oct 24 Day of Action in BC

Wednesday, October 24th is a province-wide day of action in BC when citizens are encouraged to link arms in front of MLA representative offices to form an unbroken wall of opposition across the province, and say “Defend our Coast.”

In Nanaimo and Parksville, there will be rallies at noon. (Click on the links for details).

The idea of “Defend Our Coast” started with a few businesses in New Orleans after the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.

Fisherman were losing their livelihood, seafood restaurants were shutting their doors, and tourist attractions along the shores of the coast were being hit hard by a dramatic drop in visitors. And then there were the other victims. The one’s that could not hold press conferences to express their plight. They were the sea turtles, the pelicans, and all other forms of wildlife whose habitats were being destroyed. We asked ourselves, “What could we do to help?”

What happened in the Gulf of Mexico, could happen here if the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline goes ahead. To make matters worse, the federal government has decided to close all the Marine Communication Traffic Services stations on Vancouver Island. These MCTS centres are the ones that monitor the coast for oil spills and boats in distress. Without them, can you imagine what would happen if a tanker were to get into trouble?