Duke Point waste to energy incinerator – it’s not over yet

Have the citizens of Nanaimo been tricked into complacency by Nanaimo Council’s unanimous NO vote to the Duke Point waste to energy incinerator?

Today, April 15th, 91.7 Coast FM reported:

“The Chair of Metro Vancouver’s “Zero Waste Committee” says they’re still digesting Monday night’s Nanaimo City Council rejection of a waste to energy plant. And Malcolm Brodie says for now, they’re going ahead with Duke Point still in the mix.

Brodie says [unless] the group proposing Duke Point formally withdraws that would put an end to it. He also rejects criticism of how Metro has handled the process, saying they’ve tried to be “open and inclusive.”

A site near Port Mellon on the Sunshine Coast is also on Metro’s short list, and a public meeting is planned for May 24th in Gibsons. A similar meeting is supposed to happen in mid-May in Nanaimo, but it’s no longer clear if it will go ahead.”

Does Metro-Vancouver’s statement make Nanaimo’s motion null and void? What about the citizens of Nanaimo and Gabriola, do they not have a say?

Seaspan’s John Lucas stated in the meeting on Monday night that, “We are obviously conceding to the fact that this is not a project that at this time Nanaimo wants to see.” (but maybe later?)

Mayor Ruttan, in his opening report chose his words carefully:

“Council doesn’t control the outcome of this process…Metro-Vancouver couldn’t confirm if Council’s vote would have any influence on their decision.  It is important to note if Council choses not to support the project Metro Vancouver could still proceed with the application at the proposed site at Duke Point because it is correctly zoned for that type of business purpose.”

The final decision on the waste to energy incinerator’s location won’t be made until 2016.

Municipal elections are coming up in November and Nanaimo Council doesn’t want to deal with this contentious incinerator issue.  Mayor Ruttan made it clear that a public information meeting in May would be “too late” i.e. too close to election time.

Keep the pressure up.  Let’s learn from Powell River and Spokane.

Take action:
Don’t sit around, take action now, sign a petition or email your comment to mayor&council@nanaimo.ca in Nanaimo and send an email to Metro-Vancouver’s waste to energy committee NWTE@metrovancouver.org.