Celebrating 44 years of Five-hour BC Ferries waits – 1972 to 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend is here and extra sailings have been added to the BC Ferries runs. How many people will have to sit and wait for five hours?

Here is a cartoon from The Vancouver Sun back in July 22, 1972.

BC Ferry Cartoon 1972
BC Ferry Cartoon 1972 – “Actually it’s not so much the Sea Festival Bathtub Race as the fact that he had to wait five hours last week for the Nanaimo ferry.”

Fast forward to 2016 and here is a tweet from the Mayor of Masset and another five hour wait for the ferry.

When will BC Ferries take a look at having a proper queue system like they have in other countries?

Tsawwassen Mills, one of the largest malls in Canada, opened last week. They are counting on people coming over from Vancouver Island. How many people are willing to wait for 5 hours for the ferry to get across?