Invasive Yellow Flag Iris in Buttertubs Marsh Nanaimo

Vancouver Island is being choked out by invasive plants. The City of Nanaimo has set up a helpful calendar for the month of May and you can volunteer at a location that is convenient or you can set up your own work party and add it to the list.

So far there are nine work parties organized and hopefully some local high schools will have time to participate.

There are many problem areas but one that has been overlooked is how to rescue the Buttertubs Marsh which is overrun with Yellow Flag Iris.

For some reason Yellow Flag Iris is not listed on the City of Nanaimo’s website but it is listed on the Saanich Website and it looks like they have a program for removal. Why doesn’t Nanaimo have a program to eradicate it from Buttertubs Marsh?

Yellow Flag Iris spreads in thick groups and chokes out native wetland plants. It has no value for food or habitat and it compacts the soil and changes the drainage. It will destroy the marsh.

YellowIris Invasive Yellow Flag Iris in Buttertubs Marsh Nanaimo

Yellow Flag Iris in Buttertubs Marsh in Nanaimo

All plant parts of the Yellow Flag Iris are poisonous, so wear gloves!

Yellow Flag Iris will come into bloom in June and it is urgent to try to get this plant eradicated now.