Linley Valley Drive Road Design Problems

Last week the City of Nanaimo held an open house at Oliver Woods to get feedback on the future plans for road design around Linley Valley West. What is the best solution for Linley Valley Drive?

Over 600 plus homes will be built in Linley Valley West.

Linley Valley West homes
Linley Valley West homes – 615 total homes planned

The number of homes planned  for Linley Valley West are:

  •  25 homes for Rocklands
  • 200 homes for Linley Pointe
  • 350 homes for Linley Park Estates
  • 40 homes along Rutherford Road
    615 homes in total (This doesn’t include the 50 homes already built along Linley Valley Drive)

Coming up soon before Nanaimo Council will be the financial options and the preliminary costs that the Nanaimo taxpayers will have to incur. The cost of Phase 1 and 2 below is estimated at $9.9 million.

Note: Phase 2 shows plans for a road going right through and next to a wetlands area. Is this the best planning we can do?

Linley Valley West Road Plans
Linley Valley West Road Plans

There are three elementary schools that children could go to (in yellow below):

  • Randerson Ridge Elementary – 6021 Nelson Road
  • Uplands Park Elementary – 3821 Stronach Drive
  • Rutherford Elementary – 5840 Hammond Bay Road

There is a proposal to close Rutherford Elementary which will cause major traffic problems if this closure were to go ahead.

The nearest high school is Dover Bay Secondary at 6135 McGirr Road. Rutherford Road would need to have some improvements to deal with the increased congestion. At what cost and to whom?

Linley Valley West School Plan
Linley Valley West School Plan

Many questions need to be answered such as:

  • How will the traffic flow in this area?
  • Where will public transit routes be?
  • How will children get to school?