Mid Vancouver Island Voter Challenge results

There was an unofficial Mid Vancouver Island voter challenge running between Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Lantzville, Nanaimo and Ladysmith. How many people got out and voted? Here is the voter turnout for the six mid-island communities:

  • Qualicum Beach: 62.16%
  • Lantzville: 50.6%
  • Port Alberni: 46.3%
  • Ladysmith: 42.5%
  • Parksville: 35.2%
  • Nanaimo: 34.7%

Unfortunately, Nanaimo was dead last. Why are almost 70% of Nanaimo voters uninterested in their community? Is it true that only the elderly and the religious get out and vote? The reason that low voter turnout is such a concern is that this is an indication of a  totalitarian regime under which people are poor, uneducated, uninformed and individual opinions are suppressed.  Robust voter turnout is fundamental to a healthy democracy.  An indifferent population is much easier to control than an informed one.  Is that the overall plan?

Here are the results of the November 2014 civic election, numbers show votes:

  • Nanaimo  Mayor elect  Bill McKay: 6400
    Elected councillors:
  • Bestwick, Bill: 10218 (incumbent)
  • Yoachim, Bill: 8794
  • Pratt, Wendy: 8307
  • Kipp, Jim: 7142 (incumbent)
  • Hong, Jerry: 6996
  • Thorpe, Ian: 6745
  • Fuller, Gordon: 6703
  • Brennan, Diane: 6547 (incumbent)

Look at the numbers. Notice that every elected councillor received more votes than the elected mayor. Only three councillors were re-elected.  Is this what a pro-incinerator slate looks like? We shall find out sooner than later. Will McKay and his team send the arts community packing? How long will the City Manager and the Communications Director last?

Despite all his McKay ‘back scrubbing’, blogger Jim Taylor wasn’t rewarded with a council seat. Also, Kevin Cantelon, the son of Ron Cantelon (former MLA and  Nanaimo councillor) was dropped.

Many new people were elected as SD68 trustees:

  • Higginson, Stephanie:  9545
  • Kimler, Scott: 8490
  • Solomon, Jeff: 7463
  • Rae, Steve: 7270
  • Bob, Natasha: 7243
  • Brzovic, Tania: 7020
  • Routley, Noah: 6564
  • Brennan, Jamie: 6275 (incumbent)
  • Robinson, Bill: 6242 (incumbent)

There are seven new SD68 school trustees. This is a big change with only two incumbent trustees surviving the election. Will this new group have any luck in getting more help for students of SD68? It should be interesting to watch what happens over the next four years until the 2018 civic election.

New Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay
New Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay, looks like he won the 6/49 lotto – maybe he did?