Nanaimo 2016 Budget, CAO shuffle, Corporate Sponsorship

At this upcoming Monday’s Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting, November 23, 2015 at 6 pm the public is encouraged to ask questions regarding the Nanaimo 2016 budget.  Also, you can give your feedback on service levels for Fire, RCMP, parks and recreation, water, sewage etc.

Property taxes are set to increase for the average residential home owner by approximately $430 per year over the next five years.

Property taxes provide funding for all or a portion of many City services. Solid waste collection and sewer and water services are funded through user fees. Property taxes also fund capital projects and fill reserves for future capital investment.

Where does your taxes go? Using a residential property in Nanaimo with an assessed value of approximately $331,000 the draft 2016 – 2020 Financial Plan estimates 2016 municipal property taxes to be $1,994.

Out of that $1,994:

  • $564 goes to Police
  • $305 goes to Fire Services
  • $298 goes to Other*

‘Other’ includes the Vancouver Island Regional Library requisition, Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation, Port of Nanaimo Centre and administration services such as IT, Legislative Services, Human Resources and Finance etc.

Corporate Sponsorship – Renaming Nanaimo

At Monday’s COW meeting there will be a presentation from a Sponsorship Specialist.  Council will be deciding if they want to spend up to $95,000 on a ‘sponsorship consultant’.  What? Does that make sense?

Should Nanaimo get re-named? What buildings could they put up a ‘Pespi’ ad on, for example?

How much will the development of a Sponsorship Strategy cost? Will more staff be required in the communication department?

CAO – City Managers shuffle across Vancouver Island
  • Victoria hires former District of Highlands CAO
  • Saanich hires former Nanaimo Regional District CAO
  • Mapleridge hires former City of Nanaimo CAO
  • former senior manager City of Nanaimo becomes Town of Collwood CAO

The City of Nanaimo has hired an interim City Manager which the Nanaimo Mayor personally recommends.

“I have known Tracy [Samra] for a number of years. She is an intelligent and committed individual. I look forward to working with her over the coming months.”

Twitter Survey results

Do you want a webcam at Colliery Dam Park to watch the construction progress? (14 votes)
57% yes
43% no

Do you want a free 5 min. passenger pick-up zone at Departure Bay Ferry Terminal? Currently $1 per 30 min.  (41 votes)
93% yes
7% no

Remember this debate from 2012?