Nanaimo Blogger quits; E-town Hall; Core Services Review

There will be a council meeting at 7pm on Monday, September 12th. Here are some of the topics on the agenda:

E-Town Hall

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the Core Review. What do you think? Any ideas for the conference centre? Any suggestions on the proposed Beban Park pool closure? 479 people have signed a petition and submitted it to City Hall asking that Beban Pool not to be closed for 3 months in 2017. You can give your thoughts by calling 250-754-4521 on Monday evening.


The grants committee has recommended six groups be given tax exemptions (Boys and Girls club; Recycling Exchange; Bethlehem Centre; NRGH Auxiliary; Disability Centre) and three refused (Enchanted Woodland Society; Community Futures; Malaspina Theatre).

What’s building?

244 Selby Street
A 26-unit multi-family rental building with requests to reduce parking from 13 to 9 spaces and reduce front and side setbacks.

1847 Dufferin Crescent
Add 5 units to the second storey and request a reduction in parking spaces from 52 to 48.

4535 Uplands Drive
A two storey commercial building with 8 units on the second floor with reduced parking from 40 to 35 and only one loading space instead of two.

982 Douglas Avenue
One lot will be divided into eight small lots.

615 – 699 Harewood Road
Single family residential to an 11-unit row housing.

New motion

Councillor Kipp will put forward a motion to have town hall sessions regularly.

Financial Numbers at Nanaimo City Hall

Revenues for City of Nanaimo for 2016:
Property taxes: $96,793,560
Parcel taxes: $234,042
Fees & Charges: $38,290,552
Other sources $32,885,806

Expenses for City of Nanaimo for 2016:
Operating: $118,561,132
Sewer: $4,630,586
Water: $$9,269,577
Interest payments: $2,575,375
Amortization: $23,174,277

Goodbye to Nanaimo blogger

Jim Taylor announced this week he is hanging up his hat and will no longer be reporting on local council news. His blog, Nanaimo Info Blog, will be up for a while for any of those who would like reference material. Who will pick up where Jim has left off? Ron Bolin seems to have retired from Nanaimo City Hall blog. There is another blogger who has started up in town, Dominic Jones, at News Nanaimo. Maybe Dominic is Jim’s replacement? Politics is a dangerous business. Especially so in a government town and when the City has a budget of $200 million.