Nanaimo Boat Basin and the Washington Hood Canal Bridge

HoodCanalaerial 300x223 Nanaimo Boat Basin and the Washington Hood Canal Bridge

Aerial view of Hood Canal bridge

Could the former Hood Canal Bridge be coming to Nanaimo Boat Basin?

Pacific Northwest Marina Group, which has entered into a 30 year agreement with Nanaimo Port Authority, may have plans to include refurbished ‘pontoons’ in its efforts to make Nanaimo Boat Basin attractive to yacht owners.

Pacific Northwest Marina Group also owns Seagate Pontoons, a British Columbia company that refurbishes floating concrete pontoons for reuse or resale.

In 2006, Grant Rogers and Craig McCaw set up 0742909 B.C. LTD. dba Seagate Pontoons. This company was set up to buy the eastern section of Washington State’s old Hood Canal Bridge (for $750,000) as it was being replaced. The Hood Canal bridge is the longest floating bridge over a saltwater tidal basin in the world.The east-half replacement project began in 1997. The approach spans were replaced in August 2005.

Seagate Pontoons tug-towed three-quarters of a mile of bridge parts — all but the trusses – into Cowichan Bay on May 1st, 2009.

Marker Development Inc. managed the purchase and refurbishment of the floating bridge for Seagate Pontoons. They listed Mike Cronquist of Marker Development as
project manager.

hoodcanal Nanaimo Boat Basin and the Washington Hood Canal Bridge

Hood Canal – west half

The plan was to dismantle the concrete structures at the industrial site of Western Stevedoring and set up the pontoons at Sidney Harbour. The concrete structures were left blocking the Cowichan Estuary.

The Cowichan Valley Regional District was not consulted and Cowichan area residents didn’t want the months of dust, debris and potential environmental damage they said would come with the project and it was stopped. On top of that, Sidney decided it didn’t want the old Hood Canal bridge.

As a result, Grant Rogers, owner of Marker Developments, moved the bridge parts to the Fraser River for deconstruction.

According to corporate document registry in Washington State, 0742909 B.C. LTD. became inactive in January 2010.

Will the remains of the old Hood Canal Bridge make their way to the “new” Nanaimo Boat Basin renovation?

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