Nanaimo Council warms to burning Metro Vancouver’s garbage

At the Nanaimo Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday 21, 2013 veteran city hall watcher Mr. Bolin raised questions with regard to the proposed garbage incinerator to be located at Duke Point .  The project  would involve barging garbage from Metro Vancouver to Duke Point and burning it.  Here is some of the discussion between Mr. Bolin and acting Mayor Bestwick:


  • Regarding the garbage incinerator;  Metro Vancouver basically said that they would NOT consider any community where the facility was not wanted.
  • This is quite different than the question CAN they legally come here. The RDN did move that they were NOT interested in this and as I understand all of our representatives on the RDN voted in favour of that.
  • Why we did not vote similarly when the issue came to Nanaimo council?
  • This could be misinterpreted as having got rid of one competitor for the garbage incinerator through the RDN process, then open it up to ourselves here in Nanaimo. I am sure that is not what you intended?
  • I cannot understand why such a letter was not adopted and sent to Metro Vancouver stating that the City of Nanaimo is not interested in having a garbage incinerator with all of its problems?


  • From my perspective, the property was already zoned, for garbage incineration, it came to the RDN before it came to Nanaimo, so once we realized it was zoned for this use, we didn’t think to look at other sites.  We thought it was just a fact finding mission from Metro, we didn’t think there was a need to “act” yet, right or wrong hindsight is what it is….
  • I don’t think we need to react until we are formally requested to do so.

Bolin:  Was that not the case with the RDN?

Beswick: There was a motion that was brought forward…


  • I am not arguing the legalities of it, I am stating for example, if my neighbour wants to do something and I don’t like it then I can tell him this fact. Now, if my neighbour says to me tell me if you don’t want me to burn my garage then of course I would tell him I don’t like it.   I would say this is the same case with Nanaimo sending a message to our neighbours at Metro, that we don’t want it.


  •  You make a good point, but the motion that was brought forward by the RDN Director was far more advanced than the knowledge of the information that he brought forward at the time. I am not convinced that the vote [at the RDN meeting] would be the same if it were held today because if there was more information available on that particular evening of the vote then it could have gone the other way, but the information that we had available at the time made it clear what the boards intentions were….

Bolin:  We still have the right to send a letter stating that we do NOT want the garage incinerator we don’t like this. Why not state that the community that we represent doesn’t want it, end of story?

Bestwick: We meet with people from both sides of the table. There are many people who  support this project and we need to listen to everyone to get the majority opinion.

Who is listening to whom in Nanaimo? Over 10,000 Nanaimo residents have signed petitions in recent years and the majority of issues have fallen on deaf ears. More and more it appears we have a rogue dictatorship in Nanaimo.

Seven Nanaimo Councillors sit on the RDN Board and all voted no to garbage incineration yet the same people from Nanaimo Council are complacent.  Do they like the idea of burning Metro garbage at Duke Point?

From a waste management perspective, recycling is better for the environment. The time to act is now, please sign the petition to halt the proposed garbage incineration at Duke Point. In the past, the City of Nanaimo has proposed similar projects for Duke Point.

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  1. How is the city going to listen to everyone, when it would seem most people are not even aware of whats going on. Very strange papers in Nanaimo who chose not to inform. Printing comments from vested parties is not informing. Its called propoganda.

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