Nanaimo Loses Summer Jobs

As part of the Federal Government’s austerity measures, Human Resources Canada and Young Canada Works have had their funding cut. The following jobs have been lost in Nanaimo due to these budget cuts. These would have been seasonal employment opportunities for post-secondary students.

  • Art Education Program Assistant  Pay: $10.25/hr 16 Weeks, 37.5 hours a week
  • Archival Assistant   Pay: $10.25/hr 13 Weeks, 37.5 hours/ week
  • Marketing Assistant   Pay: $10.25/hr 11 Weeks, 37.5 hours/ week
  • Curatorial Intern   Pay: $12.00/hr 19 weeks, 35 hours/ week
  • Archivist Intern   Pay: $12.00/hr 26 weeks, 37.5 hours/ week
  • Art Education Development Student  Pay: $12.00/hr 16 weeks, 37.5 hours/week
  • Art Program Coordinator Intern  Pay: $12.00/hr 35 weeks, 30 hours/ week
Source: Nanaimo Art Gallery