New Temporary Public Art Downtown Nanaimo

Be sure to take to take a walk around downtown Nanaimo and discover seven new temporary public art exhibits that are on display for 2015.

"Embarking"  by Marc Walter
“Embarking” by Marc Walter

This looks like the hull of a boat made of branches or like the tail of a whale diving into the grass.  Raises questions: What path are we taking?

"Cake" by Ron Hart & Michael Fugeta
“Cake” by Ron Hart & Michael Fugeta

A slice of earth with layers of sand and soil with grass on top.  Raises questions: Is earth a desert or a dessert?

"Coming Soon" by Jason Gress
“Coming Soon” by Jason Gress

A forklift moving a big box. Raises questions: What new changes will the human species face?

"Solstice" by Elizabeth Wellburn
“Solstice” by Elizabeth Wellburn

Lots of small pieces of coloured glass with texture. Raises questions: Does the missing piece in the arch imply a new season?

"Tall Crabs" by Michael Truelove
“Tall Crabs” by Michael Truelove

Steel rectangles walking down steps. Raises questions: How are people and crabs the same?

"Intrawolf" by Tonya Hart
“Intrawolf” by Tonya Hart

Florescent yellow dogs sitting on the library roof. Raises questions:  Do dogs like looking down at people?

public art signage very hard to read
public art signage very hard to read

The seventh public art piece is called “Dancing Eagle” by Joel Good.  It is located somewhere in Maffeo Sutton Park. Go and have a look and see if you can find it.

The only critique is that the signage is impossible to read because the type is too small and light.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the city’s website where the art is explained, such as how it was made and what the artist wanted to express.

stain glass detail from the "Solstice"
stain glass detail from the “Solstice”

Take time to get a close look at the detail of the stain glass work on the “Solstice”.  Plus, there is more public art from last year which the City purchased such as this “Dungeness Crab” carved by Dan Richey.

"Dungeness Crab" by Dan Richey
“Dungeness Crab” by Dan Richey