North Nanaimo Heats Up

uplands North Nanaimo Heats Up
Concerned Citizens of Nanaimo protest movement

North Nanaimo is heating up.  There is a wildfire burning and it is all about a low barrier housing project that is planned to go ahead on the corner of Hammond Bay and Uplands Drive.

Already there is a website set up What’s wrong with this Picture which details the concerns of the residents in the area.

Many important issues are coming to a pinnacle in this hot topic.  Just in time for local elections next month!


    8 thoughts on “North Nanaimo Heats Up

    1. i must admit, this feels like everything ‘occupy’ is against to me.
      i know occupy is a broad campaign, but isn’t the general idea of it about getting freedoms back from greedy corporations and elitists? reminding powers that be that they infact are our employee’s?
      basically bringing together peaceful people who want change? the heck does this relate?
      occupy is about getting the world to pay attention and step up for humanity rather than cast aside like we’ve been doing IMO.. just like occupy nanaimo sounds like it wants to do.

      i find this nothing to do with occupy at all, and sounds more-like the people from the opposite side.
      how’s that saying go can judge a nation by how they treat their most vulnerable?
      i want them to house the sick/homeless/drug-addicted.. just not in my backyard eh? :-(

      one love

    2. that’s funny.. i replied to this yesterday.. and i guess it didn’t get authorized.. cause i see no reply
      isn’t that the type of stuff we’re supposed to be against? i question the direction of this and if it really fits the occupy movement and you shut it down.. yeah, i see occupy being no better than those we oppose with this type of treatment.
      what a crock

    3. Sorry for the delay! Thanks for reading. Good point. Always looking for attention negative or positive.

    4. “occupy” isn’t about personal agenda’s and/or annoyances… It’s about the corporate sponsorship and manipulation in politics. The fact that politics is catering to big business, big banks and big pharma in the interest of profit while taxing the middle and lower class and justifying it as “the trickle down effect” this isn’t working and the poor are just getting poorer…

    5. What’s wrong with this picture? The ridiculous photoshopping.
      What’s wrong with trying to borrow from a movement that is against everything you stand for? It just makes you look silly.
      Unless of course this is a joke. Please tell me it’s a joke.

    6. I don’t see how this relates to the Occupy Wall street movement, therefore should not be called “Occupy” North Nanaimo.

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