North Nanaimo Park Clean Up Project

On April 23rd, May Richards Bennet Pioneer Park in north Nanaimo will be the focus of a day long effort to clean up and forest thinning by a group of volunteers.  Tools will be provided and the City Parks will offer some pizza but if you can bring your own hand tools and water, that would be appreciated. In addition to all the manual labour, there will be meditation, lunch and a potluck feast to round out the day along with music and clogging for those who still have energy to burn.

Permission for this forest work party event has been granted by the City Parks of Nanaimo and the Hornets Rugby Club. Please visit the adjacent forest area around the rugby club house to see the forest thinning work that was completed over the Christmas Holidays. For other questions and concerns, contact Michael Geselbracht at

Editor’s note: if you see any invasive plants like ivy, daphne or large periwinkle, be sure to dig them out too.