SD68 Land Exchanges

The business of land swaps is currently underway in Nanaimo. School District 68 (SD68) and City of Nanaimo have entered into a formal partnership to exchange land. This is important because it affects the official community plan and zoning bylaw changes.

Land transferred from SD68 to the City of Nanaimo

  • Harewood Field (502 Howard Avenue)
  •  Northfield School (2249 Northfield Road)
  •  Pioneer Park (6780 Dickinson Road)
  •  5101 Rutherford Road

Land transferred from the City of Nanaimo to SD68

  • Princess Royal School (260 Irwin Street)
  •  Quennel Square (421 Franklyn Street)
  •  Pauline Haarer (400 Campbell Street)
  • Pioneer Park (6780 Dickinson Road)

Why are they making so many land swaps? It may have all started with Pioneer Park. The land at 6780 Dickinson Road was originally crown land which was given to Nanaimo for a park and then the City turned around and gave it to SD68 for an elementary school. In efforts to raise money SD68 decided they would sell off the land at Dickinson Road for a residential development.

Oliver Woods

SD68 recently sold a 2.4 hectare plot of land behind Oliver Woods to Insight Holdings Ltd. in March 2013 for $1.5 million. Did any other developer have an opportunity to bid on the sale of this property?

Why did the Nanaimo Council agree to spend $1 million for a road through this property? Who will this benefit?