Sign man at Nanaimo Council

How frustrated are the residents of Nanaimo with their city council? If you watch any of the City council meetings you will see a man seated in the gallery with a garbage bag full of signs.

In previous meetings he has been stationed behind the public podium, in the last meeting he has taken up position right behind the City Manager.

SignMan1 Sign man at Nanaimo Council
Sign Man at Nanaimo Council meetings

At the last council meeting Councillor Anderson reminded the public not to clap after each member of the public spoke but made no mention of the man waving signs directly behind the City Manager.

At the end of the meeting Councillor Pattje said that he didn’t like the sign which read ‘left wing’ and on the other side ‘Pinko Commie’ with a hammer and sickle drawn next to the words. What about all the other signs?

SignMan4 Sign man at Nanaimo Council
Sign Man behind City Manager at May 12th Nanaimo Council meeting

This sign man has appeared on the scene just when citizens are being threatened to be silenced at council meetings.  His behaviour seemingly justifies the City Manager’s stance against public participation at council meetings.

City Council watchers and residents of Nanaimo are asking that council keep these meetings open to public participation and that citizens be allowed to ask questions at the end of the meetings and not just ‘media only’.

Where is our Nanaimo Mayor with his strong back? Will the mayor stand up to the sign man or does he condone his actions?