Top 12 posts for 2015

This has been the first year of Nanaimo council’s four year term.  The major highlight in local politics has to be the Colliery Dams project.  The $80 million water treatment plant is now up and running. Not much to report on regarding the core review. Food trucks could soon be coming to Nanaimo. More small lots developments have been approved and the infilling is proving painful for many neighbourhoods.

Here are the top 12 news items for 2015:

At the beginning of 2015 some topics were discussed, including:

  • a bridge to Gabriola
  • a garbage incinerator at Duke Point
  • Morden Mine
  • two new hotels for downtown Nanaimo
  • metered street parking in downtown Nanaimo

What will 2016 bring? Will the new Trudeau government help Nanaimo get a new foot ferry or a passenger rail service? Will the Chinese government decide to sponsor a new Nanaimo sports arena and hotel to train future Olympic athletics and travel ambassadors?

Who has a crystal ball that isn’t cracked?