Wanted: Actors for Pack of Lies

Actors are wanted for “Pack of Lies” showing at Bailey Theatre in Nanaimo, next March to April 2012.

The Jacksons are a nice, middle-aged couple who live next door to their best friends, the Krogers. All is blissful until a Scotland Yard detective asks to use the Jackson house as an observation post to try and foil a Soviet spy ring.

Show runs from March 28th to April 14th, 2012
Actors required are:
Bob Jackson – Age: 45 – 55, English accent
Barbara Jackson – Same age range as husband, English accent
Julie Jackson – Age: should look about 17, English accent
Helen Kroger – Age: 30 – 50, Canadian accent
Peter Kroger – Same age range as Helen, Canadian accent
Mr. Stewart – Age: 50 – 65, English accent
Thelma & Sally – Age: 25 – 50, English accents Audition pieces will be provided.

For further information contact Ron McAfee  at r_mcafee (at) shaw.ca or visit Nanaimo Theatre Group on the blog roll.