Why don’t people vote?

There are 23 days until the 42nd Federal Election on October 19th. Stephen Harper has been the Prime Minister since 2006. Will he be back?

Will you go out and vote? If your parents are habitual voters, the chances of you voting before age twenty-five are much higher.

Why don’t people vote?

Yes, ignorance is bliss. But when the wheels fall off where do people turn? This is why it is important to engage young students in elementary school and high school in the Canadian political system.

Many corporations don’t want you to vote.  The current federal government has enacted new voter identification requirements that make it almost impossible for some people to vote.

The mainstream media has failed to effectively cover important issues of national interest that might engage potential voters. Even Rex Murphy rants on this point in the video below. The mainstream media is spending inordinate amounts of time on stories that are diversions, such as the niqab fiasco.

On Vancouver Island you can check out the candidates in your election riding.