Why people don’t vote. 1891 vs 2015

voting 1891 why people didn't vote
political cartoon from 1891 – Property owner vs Labourer

“Fruits of the Franchise Act 1891
The Dominion election lists are now being revised under an act which discriminates against the poor and industrious and is in every respect iniquitous and tyrannical as well as monstrously expensive. Away
with it and give us manhood suffrage!”

Prior to 1918 only Caucasian men who were property owners had the right to vote.   Excluded were all women, First Nations and members of certain religious denominations. Qualification on the basis of property ownership benefited the Conservative party. So the concept of “one man, one vote” was a long way off.

Fast forward to 2015 and 40% of Canadians who are eligible to vote don’t. Why?